Good grief: if Dakota War College keeps slacking off, will I have to start getting my news from Gordon Howie's wingnut blog? That's scary... but it's the case this morning.

In a public discussion attended by hardcore Black Hills Tea-o-crat (rhymes with theocrat) Ed Randazzo, State Senator Stan Adelstein said Saturday he plans to float a bill in the 2011 session raising the state sales tax by one penny. Adelstein would impose this emergency tax for just three months of the year for three years. The temporary extra penny would raise $50 million a year to help erase South Dakota's looming budget shortfall.

Adelstein notes this plan has the added benefit of getting 26% of its money from tourists.

Mr. Randazzo hyperventilates over the plan with his usual Glenn Beck bromides. Randazzo opposes tax increases that allow the growth of government. He misses the point, however, that Adelstein's tax increase would only allow the reduction in cuts of state government.

Randazzo then opens his rich trove of wingnut contradiction by saying "We must cease the dependence on the 'trainload of money' from Washington to balance the budget." In Ed's fantasy-land, South Dakota is entirely self-sufficient and doesn't depend on Uncle Sam to meet its statewide needs for roads, farm aid, Social Security, Medicaid, Indian education and other reservation services.

At least Senator Adelstein is willing to look at South Dakota's fiscal situation with honesty and guts. Tune out the wingnuts, Pierre, and pay the bills!