Online profile of new SDGOP exec Tony Post

Oh, look! The South Dakota Republican Party just hired that annoying Mr. Opportunity character from the Honda ads.

According to the South Dakota Republican Party, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin was a terrible Congresswoman because she was out of touch with South Dakota values. Folks campaigning for Kristi Noem in 2010 suggested that, with her fancy-schmancy Georgetown education, her Texas husband, and property in Washington and/or Texas, SHS wasn't a real South Dakotan.

Funny then that South Dakota Republicans are now giddily welcoming their new fearless party leader, Tony Post, a fine gentleman with no apparent connection to South Dakota other than his new paycheck. Let's see: moving from swanky suburban Twin Cities (Woodbury's per capita income 50% higher than in Sioux Falls), educated in Arizona and Florida, worked in Florida and Minnesota... how nice! Thank you, SDGOP, for taking the "not South Dakotan enough" argument off the table for the coming election.

On the down side, our Republican neighbors apparently don't believe there are any South Dakotans equally capable of running their party. So instead, they turn to an out-of-stater with an unoriginal cartoon as his professional profile image. Nice. Symbolic, really, of how the purported values of the Republican Party are just a caricature of the budget silliness and plutocracy they really vote for.

Welcome to South Dakota, Tony! We all look forward to your first shots in the continuing Republican war on the weak.