We have maps! The South Dakota Legislature's redistricting committee has produced two maps redrawing the boundaries of the legislative districts that will see us through the coming decade. Here's Option A from Representative Val Rausch and Senator Russell Olson:

South Dakota Legislature proposed districts, "Option A" from Rep. Val Rausch and Sen. Russell Olson, September 2011

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Here's Option B from Representative Mitch Fargen:

South Dakota Legislature proposed districts, "Option B" from Rep. Mitch Fargen, September 2011

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And here's Option C from former legislator and redistricting fairness champion Bill Thompson:

South Dakota Legislature proposed redistricting, Option C from Bill Thompson, September 2011

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Compare these proposals to the current Legislative map:

South Dakota Legislative Districts, 2005-2012

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Fargen and Thompson are Democrats, so expect Option A to win the day. Take a close look and see who your new neighbors will be!

My current location in Spearfish sees no change, as Lawrence County remains a district unto itself. Back at my other ranch, District 8 becomes Lucky District 7 and a nice neat rectangle, pulling in Colman and the suburban regions of Flandreau. But Russ, Mitch, Patty, and their challengers will still have to make that long drive along Highway 34 to campaign from Woonsocket to the Minnesota border.