Ease up on the throttle, Kristi:

This is probably the most anti-business, anti-farmer EPA we have ever had.... I don't trust them enough to take their word for anything [Rep. Kristi Noem, in Mike McGraw, "Air Rules Are Creating Dustup in Farm States," Kansas City Star, 2011.10.07].

Apparently Kristi's neighbors in Watertown and elsewhere around the state do not share her categorical mistrust of the Environmental Protection Agency. Seven South Dakota political subdivisions are requesting nearly four million dollars in grants from the EPA's 319 program to improve rural watersheds. The projects proposed by the City of Watertown, the Day Conservation District, and other groups are "intended to promote better management practices by farmers and ranchers to reduce runoff of manure and farm chemicals." Such projects are good for everybody, including farmers and ranchers, who have just as much interest in clean water as everyone else and who have a keen interest in seeing less of their expensive chemical inputs washed out of their fields.

It's one thing, a good thing, to analyze regulations and identify specific rules that might do more harm than good. It's another thing to shout blindly, as our Congresswoman does, that we can't trust anything government does. And it's wholly irresponsible and dishonest, Kristi, to sow such mistrust but still take Uncle Sam's money.

Bonus Noem Hypocrisy: Congresswoman Noem thinks South Dakota pheasant hunting needs federal support.