South Dakota Republicans redrew our legislative districts to force Rep. Lora Hubbel (R-11/Sioux Falls) into a primary for very good reason: she keeps stinking up their party with nutty ideas. Her latest: Rep. Hubbel is writing a bill to save us from the tyranny of really sharp pictures on our driver's licenses:

Her biggest problem is with the high-resolution photo taken for the actual driver's license card.

"Now they have my iris scan and facial recognition. I can be tracked worldwide within three feet," she said.

Rep. Lora Hubbel (R-11/Sioux Falls)

I'm surprised she didn't blink for this photo. Rep. Lora Hubbel (R-11/Sioux Falls)

Wow: Hubbel thinks our driver's license photos are so sharp that the government can scan our irises. Pierre uses no such iris-scan technology, and even if it did, would it matter? How many of you have any property or data secured by iris scan?

Hubbel also wants to go goose-chasing after GPS chips in our driver's license. Hubbel ignores the fact that (a) the state says it has no intention to add GPS chips to our driver's licenses and (b) the government can already surveil citizens much more effectively via the cell phones and credit cards that we use much more frequently. (I assume Lora only uses landlines and cash.)

Instead of working on legislation to address real problems, Rep. Hubbel is fooling around with some religious paranoiacs called the Constitutional Alliance, who appear to be obsessed with "global biometric enrollment," which is the new code word for "Mark of the Beast!"

To ice the crazy cake, Rep. Hubbel frets that the Maryland company South Dakota contracts to do our driver's license data was acquired this year by Safran, a French aerospace, defense, and security company. Cue the U.N. black helicopters....

Rep. Hubbel wants to ban sharing our driver's license data across state borders. To achieve that goal, Hubbel will have to find a way to ban other states from using driver's license scanners like the one I used to check into a Minnesota high school last spring. She'll also need to find a way to ban cops in other states from asking for our driver's licenses when we get picked up for speeding in other states.

Rep. Hubbel, please cut it out. The governor's budget address makes clear that we have much bigger priorities than battling the U.N. and the Anti-Christ with driver's license paranoia.