...and of course, "God hates queers."

Sioux Falls has a new church, that's probably less likely to invite me in than Madison's new mosque. "Pastor"* Tod Phillips of Glory Baptist Church proclaims his church's freedom from "anything... contemporary or liberal." He declares the King James Version of the Bible error-free; all other versions of the Bible are Satan's words. He declares pastors who baptize babies satanic. He declares such things from his pulpit on East 28th Street and in occasional street-corner screaming sessions.

Tod Phillips also urges men to drag you ladies to his church... by your hair:

Pastor Tod Phillips, Sioux Falls, tells men to drag "liberal pants-wearin Jezebel" wives to his church. Facebook post, November 6, 2011.

Pastor Tod Phillips, Sioux Falls, tells men to drag "liberal pants-wearin Jezebel" wives to his church. Facebook post, November 6, 2011.

My wife wears pants every day. She has some liberal tendencies. She finds the Jezebel blog quite entertaining. If I ever tell her she better not say anything, I will expect serious skunk-eye. And if I ever grab her by the hair and drag her, I will expect to go to prison for domestic abuse.

If I didn't know better, I might think that Tod Phillips was a thinly disguised member of Fred Phelps's Westboro Baptist Church. (Phillips... Phelps... hear the similarity?) If you can bear to listen, Phillips posts audio of one of his repetitive street rants on hell. The title: "Hell Preached to Sodomite Crowd." The date: November 21, 2010. The key quote:

God hates queers. God hates homos. God hates Sodomites. Hell is real.

[Tod Phillips, "Hell Preached to Sodomite Crowd," street demonstration, Sioux Falls, SD, 2010.11.21]

On November 21, 2010, Tod Phillips joined the Fred Phelps fanatics who invaded Sioux Falls with their hateful filth and found themselves outnumbered by South Dakotans determined to preach love, not self-aggrandizing hate. In the second half of the audio, Phillips tells a KSFY reporter that he's not part of the Westboro group, but he is of their thuggish, hateful ilk.

All but a handful of Sioux Fallsians are ignoring Phillips and his hateful message. failure to offer message of hate. That's fortunate for all of us interested in truth, community, and accurate theology. If Jesus of Nazareth has anything to offer, we won't learn it from the cranky man on the corner darning Catholics, Lutherans, uppity women, and gays to heck.

Update 2011.12.13 05:45 MST: Watch Phillips play televangelist on his YouTube channel. The notoriously inaccurate America-centric Mercator map behind him is metaphorically appropriate on multiple levels.

*Tod Phillips has about as much claim to the title "Pastor" as I do. He offers these credentials:

Pastor Phillips went to same Bible college as John the Baptist (John 16:13), ordained by the Lord. Just like John, Pastor Phillips, is a man sent from God (John 1:6). He has won hundreds of souls to Christ and is very dedicated to preserving the pure gospel message of Jesus Christ, while exposing false religions and false gospels. He is a modern day Jeremiah, blowing the whistle on false preachers (Jeremiah 29:9).

I've read a Bible verse or two. I like to expose false religions, false gospels, and false preachers. You could call my blog one big jeremiad. Call me Pastor, too!