Sorry about the delay: the Divine Miss K needed some fairy tales of a different sort....

Oh, we were having such a nice discussion of the purported benefits and politics associated the Keystone XL pipeline. But then my suggestion to Mr. Jopling that we could still justify voting for President Barack Obama over Mitt Romney even if the President approves Keystone XL prompts Rep. Charlie Hoffman (R-23/Eureka) to reveal birtherism is all too alive and well in District 23 and the South Dakota Legislature:

Cory you and Rush are one in the same. Spamming for a fight, hooking a left hoping for a return right. Barrack Hussein Obama has not worried about his next paycheck or meal or airline ticket back to his Muslim Motherland since he became a US Citizen sometime back around 1979. He[re] is a link for all your readers to contemplate the validity of the current US President. (And you can call me insane, stupid, dumb, ignorant, country, farmer idiot, whatever; the facts don't add up.) [Rep. Charlie Hoffman, comment #19, "Analyst: Republican Keystone XL Rush 'Nothing But Negative'," Madville Times, 2012.01.14]

Wait: Charlie says I'm just spamming for a fight?

I ask the good Representative if he is seriously going to flog the pretty thoroughly refuted birth certificate and Muslim memes. Rep. Hoffman doubles down:

Cory I do not trust anything Barry has done since he became Barrack. What we see and what we know about Obama is very little. The trusted State Senators I have met from Obama's home state tell me that he never once brought up anything in the Ill State Senate close to what he spoke while running for US President. Everyone today seems to just have given him a pass on his citizenship. I doubt very much that he is far away from George Soros in anything he does.

If anyone in America wants to stand up and shout out "Obama is a Christian!", please do so now so we know who you are. Whatever he is Cory I do not know, but a Christian he is not. Christians do not shout out G_d D__n America while attending their weekly church services [Rep. Charlie Hoffman, comment #21, "Analyst: Republican Keystone XL Rush 'Nothing But Negative'," Madville Times, 2012.01.14].

(Note: "God damn America" came from Pastor Jeremiah Wright, not Barack Obama. I think both men are Christian.)

Just to cap it off, Hoffman pokes me thus:

Cory do have any idea how many more votes I get in District 23 when arguing with you over Obama? [Hoffman, comment #25]

And the crowd goes wild.

Charlie, I have no idea how many more votes you get in District 23 when you talk this nonsense. I'd love to find out firsthand. Years ago I kissed a girl from Eureka and found the experience enjoyable; I'm sure a visit to the town itself would be at least as thrilling.

How about you and I discuss President Barack Obama's religion and/or citizenship in a public debate in Eureka? It'll be Lincoln and Douglas! Darrow and Bryan! Welch and McCarthy! Heck, stage it during the Eureka Carp Tournament (and really, what better day for our carping?), and I'll bet we could double the normal turnout.

We can set up tip jars in the back, let the listeners vote with their cash. The person with the most cash in the jar is declared winner of the debate. You keep the cash in your jar; I give the cash in my jar to whatever noble Democrat stands up to challenge you for your seat in the House... unless said noble Democrat fears that any association with that dastardly socialist atheist blogger might hurt him at the polls.

Gas money would be nice, but I'll settle for being able to video and rebroadcast the debate here on the blog... and to cite the amount of money in your jar as evidence of the sympathy for "insane, stupid, crazy, dumb, ignorant," and most importantly, just plain wrong (wrong! wrong! wrong!) ideas among your constituents.

After Eureka, we could take the show on the road. We could open for Kristi Noem and Matt Varilek/Jeff Barth, who naturally will want to debate imaginary dust regulations. Of course, I'd much rather we all get together in Eureka or elsewhere to debate real policy issues. Anyone game?