Neither vote on Hickey legislation went the way I wanted it yesterday. The Senate approved Rep. Steve Hickey's silly Bible-study-in-public-school resolution, HCR 1004, and didn't have the courtesy to add a clause putting conscientious and unbiased secular humanists in charge of such literary instruction. Meanwhile, across the hall, the House killed Rep. Hickey's perfectly sensible speeding ticket bill, HB 1170, on a 30-to-39 vote.

As the good Representative notes, the Bible resolution got all sorts of press, more, I would argue, than his bill to make it possible to revoke the drivers licenses of habitual speeders. That shows the backward priorities of our media and our Legislature. Revoking the drivers licenses of habitual speeders promised to do more concrete good for the health and safety of South Dakotans than a toothless resolution that coddles insecure Christians whose faith apparently cannot survive without government support.

Alas, the most speeding you may see on South Dakota's highways may be good people with a sense of Constitutional separation of church and state, rational education policy, and responsible government speeding away to other states not suffering the red-state failure with which my friend Mr. Kurtz diagnoses us.