...and while you're at it, call the Gang of Four, too!

Real reporter David Montgomery reports that HB 1234, Governor Dennis Daugaard's train-wreck package of education reforms, is scheduled for a Thursday hearing before the Senate Education Committee. Montgomery says that the "Gang of Six" or "supercommittee," a unaccountable caucus of faithful Republican legislators, is working intensely on amendments to HB 1234. Those six Republicans:

  1. Rep. Thomas Brunner (R-29/Nisland)
  2. Rep. Dan Dryden (R-34/Rapid City)
  3. Rep. Jacqueline Sly (R-33/Rapid City)
  4. Sen. Phyllis Heineman (R-13/Sioux Falls)
  5. Sen. Mark Johnston (R-12/Sioux Falls)
  6. Sen. Deb Peters (R-9/Hartford)

If you want to save education from the ideological impositions of merit pay, rookie bonuses, and termination of continuing contract due process, click on those six contact links above, and light up those legislators' phones and inboxes. Ask them just what exactly they think is the problem with South Dakota's K-12 education system... aside from the obvious problem that we cut its ongoing funding by 8.6% last year.

Montgomery also names an unelected working group of four superintendents "soliciting feedback and presenting recommendations and information to lawmakers and the Daugaard administration":

  1. Tim Mitchell, Rapid City
  2. Don Kirkegaard, Meade County
  3. Dan Leikvold, Lead-Deadwood
  4. Tim Graf, Milbank

Soliciting feedback? Well, you know what to do, folks. Perhaps start by sending those superintendents this online petition (which over 630 of you have signed so far! Thank you!) to give them an idea of the popular disgust with HB 1234 so far. Then offer your thoughts on how Pierre should let the experts—i.e., teachers and administrators—handle teaching the kids.