Our Congresswoman Kristi Noem flies to California Thursday for more high-class hobnobbing with wealthy elites, as seems to be her wont in February. (Maybe she's just fighting seasonal affective disorder; we all need our Vitamin D!)

One of the men seeking to replace her, Matt Varilek, finds Noem's California tripping worth mentioning:

Kristi Noem is in the midst of a week-long recess from Congress. This would be a great time to travel South Dakota, listen to constituent concerns, and learn about ways to better represent working families in Washington.

But she has different priorities. She's headed back to sunny California to hear the concerns of her campaign contributors. And by the way, she's meeting those California donors in a place with a "no denim" dress code.

Even though she'll be far from South Dakota, you can still communicate with Kristi. You can help us send her a message that she should be focused on serving South Dakotans, not hob-nobbing with Californians.

Please send a message by making a contribution of $5 or more to help send Matt to Washington.

Everyday, South Dakotans are hard at work to make this an even better place to live, work, and raise a family. It's time we have a representative in Washington that does the same [David Benson, campaign manager, Matt for SD, e-mail, 2012.02.21].

Campaign manager Benson also mentions that the Lincoln Club blurb on the event says, "Noem was elected in the 2010 'Tea Party' takeover of the House." It seems everybody thinks Kristi Noem is a Tea Party member except for real Tea Partiers and Kristi herself. I wonder which attack will get more mileage for Noem's Dem challengers: painting her as the wingnut radical Ed Randazzo wishes she'd be, or recognizing her as the Establishment California club-hopper she's morphed into?