While Steve Sibson fights the GOP Establishment, ObamaCare, and Greek globalists in Mitchell, let's talk about a blogger who may actually win an election by discussing issues relevant to her constituents. Kelsey Collier-Wise is running for the Vermillion City Council!

Collier-Wise is a mom and part-time instructor who's been involved in a number of Vermillion non-profits. She has contributed her brain and blog power to DakotaWomen, writing about numerous state and national political issues. However, unlike Sibson, Collier-Wise knows how to turn from her favorite higher-level issues and focus on practical local issues directly affecting her neighbors in the community she understands and loves.

Of course, astute readers will notice on her info page that Collier-Wise uses the word "sustainable." That word is a clear signal to all patriots that Collier-Wise is part of Agenda 21 and plans to turn Vermillion into a Marxist dystopia. But you know, one of Collier-Wise's most vehement blog opponents has said that the status quo is inherently bad and change is inherently good. So changing Vermillion to a sustainable paradise must be a good thing, right?

Blogospherians will have fun with that preceding paragraph. Regular Vermillion voters will see a good neighbor who knows her stuff and vote for Kelsey Collier-Wise on June 5 (or maybe sooner: early voting starts April 20th!). They may even help her out by volunteering, hosting house parties (no, not the USD kind of house party), and donating to the DakotaWomen PAC.