You couldn't go with "Mugwumps"?

Rapid City right-wingnut Tonchi Weaver is calling for a really conservative rally in Pierre on March 19, when the Legislature returns to Pierre for one more day to consider any vetoes issued by Governor Daugaard. Weaver and her pals are planning an exclusive lunch at an unnamed Pierre restaurant with "invited core conservative legislators only" (that's in red and all caps in the original, but I just can't bring myself to shout as loudly as my radical neighbors). They'll strategize for the primary and general elections and discuss the future of the conservative movement in South Dakota. Sounds like profound fun!

Then Weaver says this:

Conservatives from from the entire state should caravan to Pierre for the meeting of our "Clan" [Tonchi Weaver, "SD Legislature Veto Day," The Right Side, 2012.03.08].

Yes. We're having a Clan rally in Pierre.

The "Conservative Clan Caucus" will be in the afternoon after the close of the Session.

Conservative Clan Caucus. I'm not sure what's funnier: how deaf Weaver is to the assonant similarity of her newly manufactured Potemkin crowd to the fellas in white hoods, or the mirroring of the actual abbreviation to one of the great icons of 1930s socialism.

And I can't tell whether my radical Rapid City neighbors are just deaf to the connotations of their language or if they are deliberately baiting me.