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  1. mike

    Haggar also works out in that rural district in the Brandon neighborhood I believe...

  2. Scott

    Please quit pretending that democrats don't gerrymander districts, have you seen some districts in other states? There's one in IL (4th district) that makes a complete C shape that moves the district lines block by block, nothing close to a square or rectangle shape. I believe it's called Jaws. Look at a mp of that district and then come back and tell me how unfair republicans are with their gerrymandering. BTW, is your big complaint that she lives in the district but doesn't live in the center of it?

  3. jerry

    Hey Scott, how about just staying right here in South Dakota with the gerrymandering. Take a look at Phil Jensen's district 33 in Rapid City and tell me about Jaws in Il, and then you will be able to see a mousetrap in our own 33.

  4. lesliengland

    my understanding is americas mailbox in box elder dumps 3000 "out-of-state" repub votes into dist. 33 each election.

  5. caheidelberger

    Wow, 2012 draws a comment! I need to reread....

    Scott, I'm not pretending anything. The Republicans controlled the 2012 redistricting process in South Dakota. The Republicans dictated the boundaries that shifted Jenna Haggar out where they wanted her. The fact that Democrats in power elsewhere also gerrymander does not rebut anything I've said in this post about the political facts on the ground in Sioux Falls and South Dakota. Unfair is unfair, no matter which party does it or where. I advocate redistricting be done by a bipartisan or (if such folks exist) nonpartisan committee guided by objective rules on fair population distribution along boundaries as smooth and logical as is feasible. Madville Times readers and I proposed legislation to that effect to the 2014 Legislature. I supported similar legislation in 2013 and in 2011.

  6. jerry

    Indeed lesliengland, not only in district 33, but to corrupt state elections as well. Bad enough that the Hutterites all vote in lockstep as well, but when you can swing a district, that is some kind of corruption. Kind of makes Illinois look pristine doesn't it.

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