Oh, and did I mention that Dan Lemme has a heck of a good idea? The Madison developer would like to turn the old gravel pit on the Lake County Poor Farm land into a campground. Put in 80 campsites, extend the Highway 19 bike trail to run through the property... hey! Where have I heard that idea before?

The Lake County Commission likes the idea of adding a campground to the southwest side of the lake. However, they are deeply concerned about keeping the beach public. They've already created a new public access area just to the east of the proposed campsite. If they can ensure that the campground Lemme plans will go into state ownership and remain public, Lake County could add another recreational jewel to draw more of the Sioux Falls recreational crowd who can't afford a half-million-dollar McMansion on Lake Madison's ugly privatized shores.

Hang in there, John Goeman: we might see that Bicentennial Park by 2026 yet!