In more from the Wishful Thinking department, some of my Republican friends like to pretend loudly that Kristi Noem has a lock on re-election next year.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee does not appear to agree. The national Dems could easily abandon South Dakota as a hopeless conservative bastion. Instead, they've included Kristi Noem as one of 41 House Republicans they are targeting with the Millionaires over Medicare" billboards. Kristi keeps flogging the false dilemma (it's a theme!) that opposing the Ryan budget means letting Medicare go bankrupt. But DCCC chairman Steve Israel says there's got to be a better solution than making old folks pay thousands more for their health care while handing rich folks and average $394,000 tax cut.

Noem challenger Matt Varilek says the same thing (and does so in a nicely updated and substantive website! Good Issues page, Matt!). And if the DCCC is willing to invest in the South Dakota market, that suggests they agree that Varilek has a winning message and a good shot at unseating our clueless rookie Congresswoman.