This is much more fun than speeding tickets.

Democratic candidate for U.S. House Matt Varilek posts a booster's photo from I-229 (hey, kids: keep your hands on the wheel, let your passengers take the photos!): Billboard, Sioux Falls, SD notes (and every voter in South Dakota should note) that Kristi Noem's vote last year to voucherize Medicare was no fluke; Noem, Paul Ryan, and her GOP colleagues really want to get rid of Medicare. Ryan doubled down on his plan from last year to slash Medicare, Medicaid, and the rest of our social safety net while handing over a quarter-million dollars to each person making over a million bucks, and Rep. Noem dutifully voted for it.

Votes like that for the 1% are why Democrats can beat Kristi Noem this November.

Related: For those of you of the opposite political persuasion who think Rep. Noem's budget-hawkery deserves praise, consider this: The Ryan budget she supports wouldn't balance the budget until 2040. Noem voted against an amendment by New Jersey Rep. Scott Jordan that would have balanced the budget by 2017. Noem isn't really interested in balancing the budget: she just wants to pad the rich and whack the rest of us.

Update 06:31 MDT: But in good news, Kristi Noem's mere occupation of South Dakota's lone House seat is boosting our score on iVillage's scorecard of best and worst states for women. Thanks to Kristi's empowerment, we manage to escape the bottom ten. Of course, without the attitudes that allow an empty suit like Noem to get elected, South Dakota women would fare much better.

Update 20:12 MDT: Let me be Frank... Barney Frank: Rep. Ryan's budget is a "great scam," says the retiring Congressman from Massachusetts:

"It's not deficit reduction when you increase military spending so that you can make up for that by cutting Medicare and Medicaid. That's not budget reduction. That's ideology. That's the right wing," Frank told TPM. "The other great scam for Ryan is to say, "˜Oh, I'm not going to help the rich people ... I'm going to lower their rates and get rid of loopholes,' although he doesn't mention a single loophole that he'll get rid of" [Sahil Kapur, "Barney Frank Unloads on the 'Great Scam' of Paul Ryan," Talking Points Memo, 2012.04.12].