With gross abuse of evidence, KELO's Jon Berg resurrects the meme that the Tea Party appeals to people of all parties:

People from across the state of South Dakota were welcomed at the All Occasions Hall in Tea, for the fourth annual Tax day Tea Party.

From taxes to other issues facing the state, people who believe in the party's principles came out to hear from keynote speakers, take part in an open forum and meet with local political candidates.

...And you didn't just find Republicans or Democrats out here at the Tax Day Tea Party, because many of the issues being faced in South Dakota today impact both sides of the spectrum.

"What we saw during the last legislative session is that there was several bills that were going to work in such a way to take away local control, both over education and taxation, so there's people on the left and the right that believe government should be close to the people and it should be answerable to the people," Dykstra said [Jon Berg, "Tax Day Tea Party," KELOLand.com, 2012.04.15].

(Additional points off for sentence fragment as headline.)

Wait a minute, Jon. Reread those last two paragraphs in sequence. I will grant you that Rep. Stace Nelson and I agree that HB 1234 is bad education policy. But that doesn't prove that I brought a whole bunch of Democrats to the Tea Tea Party. What Democrats did you see there? What Democrats did you interview at the event?

Take a look at District 6 House candidate Ernie Otten's Facebook photo album of the event. Whom do you see? Stace Nelson, Lance Russell, Manny Steele, Lora Hubbel, Brian Liss, Scott Bartlett, Jim Stalzer, Mike Austad, William Beal, Jerry Erickson, Shelly Hodgkins, Ed Picardi, George Stainbrook, my crazy cousin Aaron... an assortment of Republican candidates and right-wing reactionaries, but not one Democrat.

I thought we put this false meme to bed back in 2009. Berg must be falling victim to that reporter's disease of pretending to balance and detachment where there is none. He blurts out this gentle trope about inclusiveness without making the effort to verify his empty words by simply asking around for Dems at the event.

The Tea Party is a right-wing adjunct of the Republican Party. To peddle the Tea Party's distractionary rhetoric about appealing to all parties is inaccurate and lazy journalism.