South Dakota is a rotten place for women's health and policy. Chamberlain government students, Lower Brule tribal members, include that discussion in your questions to Rep. Kristi Noem during her barely announced visit Monday afternoon.

Maybe also ask Rep. Noem if she plans to attend one of the three women's rights rallies taking place here in South Dakota on Saturday, April 28. In Brookings, women and folks who like women will gather at the courthouse at 10 a.m., then march to the Post Office on Main Street. Occupy Brookings issues this announcement for its "United for Women" event:

Help defend women's rights and pursuit of equality! Join us here in Brookings as we and Americans all across the United States come together for a few hours on this day to affirm the full rights of women.

Our Brookings rally will celebrate, among other things, the right of all women to make their own decisions about their own bodies, including their use of contraception; to live free of the threat of violence, in public and in the home; and to have full equality in the workplace.

Come with your signs, your voices, your marching feet and clapping hands! Speak out from the People's Soapbox! Hear wise words from women of the past who have fought for equal rights! Enjoy good music, and sing along for freedom and justice!

A People's Soapbox, where regular folks might express their views, without any vetting? That halves the chances of seeing Rep. Noem there.

Citizens will also demonstrate their support for women's rights at rallies next Saturday on the steps of the Capitol in Pierre. Occupy Rapid City focused on women's issues in its weekly demonstration yesterday; I hear another women's event is in the works for Rapid City next Saturday. These events are part of a national movement promoting "We Are Women" marches next Saturday in all fifty states.

Update 2012.04.24 06:35 MDT: The Rapid City March in Solidarity for Women's Rights starts Saturday at 2 p.m. at the Memorial Park band shell. Folks will march through downtown Rapid City. The Rapid City marchers are flying the banner of