Feminist blog Jezebel designates South Dakota one of the worst places in America for women:

South Dakota is the seventh [worst] state on the list for a variety of reasons. First, health services for women are few and far between. There are only two abortion providers in the state which makes worst case scenarios even worse, and its remoteness makes it difficult for many South Dakota women to access emergency medical care. Last year, lawmakers passed a measure that would have imposed a 72 hour waiting period on abortion (the law was eventually struck down for placing an undue burden on women) [Erin Gloria Ryan, "The Ten Scariest Places to Have Ladyparts in America," Jezebel, 2012.04.18].

They find health and public safety for women on the Pine Ridge Reservation particularly egregious:

But on the Pine Ridge reservation, things are so bad for women that it should be a crime.

The infant mortality rate here is five times the national average, and due to high rates of alcoholism and few services available to addicts needing treatment, a larger than average percentage of babies born here suffer from Fetal Alcohol spectrum disorders. Rape of Native women who reside here is shamefully common, and often goes unprosecuted [Ryan 2012.04.18].

Don't expect our fetus-fetishizing GOP Governor and Legislature to do anything to make safe and legal abortion more accessible to South Dakota women. But Governor Daugaard has given some attention to infant mortality and may have some policy solutions in the works.

Or maybe South Dakota should just keep hoping for the Bakken oil boom to seep south. Then we wouldn't need women; we could just have a bunch of man camps like North Dakota.