If college kids could just disguise themselves as corn...

Rick Santorum is gone, but his education legacy lives on. Rep. Kristi Noem wants to make sure fewer Americans become college snobs. In her support for the Paul Ryan budget, our Congresswoman voted to slash Pell Grants, just as she did last year. Her anti-student, anti-education vote this year would eliminate grants for 400,000 students nationwide and reduce assistance to 9,000,000 more students.

Related statistic: this academic year, the state of South Dakota is providing Opportunity Scholarships to 1,229 South Dakota students.

A U.S. Department of Education estimate says that Noem is voting to deny Pell Grants to 1,223 South Dakota students. (That's 1,223 students who had better be registering and voting against Noem this November.) The net loss in assistance to South Dakotans is $8.8 million a year. (That's another several thousand parents, professors, and university administrators who had better vote their pocketbook in November.)

Noem's anti-education vote fits with this dismaying chart posted by Jared Bernstein:
OECD international comparison of college education by age group, 2009
Almost all of our competitors in the global economy are putting more of their people through college than they did a generation ago. On that metric, we, Israel, Germany, and Brazil are pretty much staying put. With her cuts to Pell Grants, Rep. Noem must be gambling on some vague educational and economic American exceptionalism.

Remember: Kristi Noem doesn't want kids getting financial assistance for college... but she wants the federal government to keep giving her family handouts for corn and crop insurance. She'd rather have more cheap corn and profits for her family than more college graduates.

Let's see how many of her fellow students cheer when Kristi walks across the stage for her SDSU diploma next month.