The Census Bureau yesterday issued its report on state tax collections for 2011. Some fascinating numbers:

  • South Dakota collected $1.38 billion in state taxes in 2011, the least amount collected by any state in the Union last year.
  • The next-lowest collecting state, Montana, raked in $2.30 billion, 67% more than South Dakota did.
  • New Hampshire and Vermont have similarly small populations and a lot less ground to cover with highways and snowplows. Yet they collected $2.32 billion and $2.69 billion, respectively (ranking 48th and 46th).
  • North Dakota collected $3.82 billion, almost triple the amount South Dakota has to spend on schools, bridges, and a social safety net. $1.88 billion of that came from Bakken-frackin' severance taxes.
  • North Dakota led the nation with a 44.5% increase in state tax collections over 2010. Minnesota performed ninth best on this metric, rounding out the small group of states that saw double-digit increases, with a 10.1% boost in state tax revenues.
  • The Census Bureau says South Dakota saw an 8.9% increase in sales tax revenues. Meanwhile, the state is increasing its per-student funding for education in the Rapid City school district by just 0.8%.