Teachers, your superintendents may not want you petitioning HB 1234 to a public vote. Other allies may be staying out of the fight over Governor Daugaard's destructive education plan.

But the South Dakota Democratic Party is willing to stand with you in defense of schools and students. Party chairman Ben Nesselhuf announced this afternoon that the party's State Central Committee voted unanimously to support the HB 1234 referendum drive. Either the Dems have a keen sense of justice, or they smell a winning issue for the party... or both! Whichever way, thank you, Dems!

If you're looking for talking points as you circulate petitions, the Dems break down Governor Daugaard's education agenda thus:

  • Impose a disproven testing-based education system
  • Create competition between educators
  • End the due process that protects teachers from arbitrary firing, and
  • Provide no way to finance any of these damaging, mandatory new programs! [Ben Nesselhuf, e-mail to friends of the South Dakota Democratic Party, 2012.04.10]

The Dems also note that the Governor "completely ignored" widespread public opposition to HB 1234 (don't forget: the only people attending the signing of the bill were executive branch flunkies).

As practical support for the referendum, the Dems have posted a petition request webpage to complement SDEA's petition request page. If you aren't circulating and want to—or if you've filled up all your petitions and need more!—hit either website, get some petitions, and bang, bang, bang on the doors, baby!