or "Why Gordon Howie Is Full of Crap, Part 47"

Gordon Howie continues to make stuff up to push his empty political agenda. At the end of 2011, he published a useless legislator report card based on a cherry-picking of votes that don't apply to all candidates and don't effectively distinguish conservatives from liberals. He launched his theocracy campaign with a bogus poll with no methodology or substantiation of data.

And now he adds to his Potemkin village of blogs and clubs the "SD Liberty Caucus Candidate Evaluations," as series of Legislative candidate scorecards based on eight of Howie's favorite policy litmus tests. My brief perusal of the scorecards finds that Howie urges people to vote for specific candidates only if they get a 100% on his scorecard. In the District 31 House race, for example, Gary Coe gets a 100%, John Teupel gets a 62.5%, and Fred Romkema and Tim Johns both get 0%. Howie calls Coe the "clear choice" and urges people to only vote for one candidate instead of backing Coe and blocking the really liberal Romkema and Johns with Teupel. Like Coe, Howie must have no compromise in his life whatsoever.

Perhaps even more stunning is Gordon Howie's rating of the District 10 House race in Minnehaha County. Rating only seven issues in this race (now the methodology is really out the window), Howie looks at Republican Representative Jenna Haggar's votes, divides 4 by 7, and gets 80%.

Last I checked, 4 divided by 7 was 57%. But to fit Jenna's rating to his desired Ronald Reagan quote, Howie doesn't count two missed votes. He does not extend the same courtesy to challengers. If they do not "vote"—i.e., if they do not pick up the phone or respond to whatever little questionnaire or e-mail or telepathic message Gordon sent them—he nukes them! The other two Republican candidates in District 10 thus get zeroes. *Update 07:16 MDT: A source tells me Howie's survey didn't even offer recipients a courtesy warning that a non-response would be interpreted and publicized as No.

And who are those other District 10 candidates again? Former legislator and mayor from Citibank Dave Munson (yeah, I can see Gordon not liking a successful fixture of the Establishment) and Don Haggar.

Don Haggar?! The man who planted the seed in the womb whence sprang Jenna Haggar is not in Gordon Howie's mind a "strong principled conservative"? Don Haggar does not support Howie's Issue #1, a 72-hour waiting period on abortions? Don Haggar does not support Howie's Issue #3, rejection of abortion in general and Planned Parenthood specifically? Oh my. That should make for fun dinner conversation at the Haggar household.

Gordon Howie's 0% score for Don Haggar proves that the Howie scorecards are worse than useless. Contrary to his purported Christian principles, Howie is peddling blatant lies to advance his favored politicians. He just makes stuff up and hopes people won't look at the facts beneath. Howie's few remaining supporters should be appalled. Those receiving Howie's endorsement should run hard away, lest they be tarred by Howie's indiscretions.