I said I'm 95% sure I'll vote for Jeff Barth Tuesday. That number can go down.

If I'm going to give Secretary Gant a hard time for his tardiness, I must do the same to Jeff Barth. Pre-primary campaign finance reports for South Dakota's federal candidates were due May 24. Matt Varilek submitted his pre-primary report on May 24.

On May 25, the Federal Election Commission sent Jeff Barth's campaign treasurer an unpleasant all-caps notice saying Washington hadn't received a pre-primary report from Barth yet. Barth submitted his pre-primary report on May 26, at 00:05. Grrr!

Jeff, paperwork and transparency matter. If you want to run for Congress, you've got to cross these t's. Even if you don't have much to report (the pre-primary form shows a meager $450 in cash coming in from sources other than loans), you've got to follow the law and get these reports done!