The South Dakota Republican Party has taken a mild beating this week in the run-up to its convention in Sioux Falls (starting with dinner tonight! Only $19.98!). One of their own legislators, not bomb-thrower Rep. Stace Nelson or certifiable Rep. Lora Hubbel, but the Honorable Senator Stanford Adelstein, calls on Republican Attorney General Marty Jackley to investigate malfeasance and mischief in by the Republican Secretary of State Jason Gant and his lightning-rod lieutenant Pat Powers. Senator Adelstein even floats the word impeachment.

Then South Dakota teachers make good on their promise to refer Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard's flagship education legislation, House Bill 1234, to a public vote by submitting petitions with 30,000 signatures to the Secretary of State's office (where Secretary Gant is conspicuously absent, since he's off driving around the state stoking the soap opera by coming to Senator Adelstein's door... to grovel or strongarm, we know not yet which).

Jason Gant on KDLT

I think I've seen that look... on kids caught with hands in the cookie jar. (photo from KDLT)

The media is lit up with coverage of both stories. The look on Secretary Gant's face alone (see the KDLT story) is worth a thousand snarky blog words. My comment section has been filled with vigorous discussion of both Senator Adelstein's charges (including commentary from the Senator and two Pierre colleagues!) and the merits of teacher merit pay and campaign strategy for HB 1234.

But with two enormous political stories at full boil, with the opportunity to offer a Republican perspective on events of great import to the Republican Party and South Dakota, Dakota War College, the self-proclaimed #1 political blog in South Dakota, has said nothing. For four straight days, we have heard not a word from the anonymous writers of the blog that Pat Powers launched and tried to use to make and break political fortunes (including his own and his boss's, Jason Gant's).

What's the matter, boys? Are Tim Rave and Tony Post too busy setting out the doilies for convention to give you orders on what to say? Did Pat order you to keep silent before he gets in any more trouble?

If blogging were a constitutional duty, Dakota War College would be impeached for dereliction of duty.

South Dakota's #1 Political Website? Ha. Dakota War College is acting more like #2... the old dried-up #2 my neighbor's dogs leave in my yard.