Update 11:31 CDT: SDEA says they just handed Secretary Gant 30,000 signatures!

* * *
Members of the South Dakota Education Association are delivering their HB 1234 referendum petitions to Pierre today with great Twitter fanfare. SDEA clearly feels good about their signature count:

SDEA HB 1234 Petition Stack 20120618

How many sheets of paper do you see in SDEA's HB 1234 petition stack? (photo from SDEA, 2012.06.18)

However many sheets are in those stacks, they are more than the disappointing pile Rep. Brian C. Liss has on his table... or in his trashbin. On Saturday, Rep. Brian C. Liss called off his petition drive to refer HB 1133, the Legislative planning committee bill. In a mildly amusing hearkening to the euphemism of failed Presidential candidates, Rep. Brian C. Liss told Facebook followers that he was "suspending" his push to place HB 1133 on the November ballot.

Sigh... and I sigh having declared that Rep. Brian C. Liss had good reason to fight HB 1133. Can we all just use words correctly? Pretty much every relevant definition of suspend includes some sense of a limited time frame, a temporary pause, with the idea of resuming action later. It's just silly to say you're suspending a petition campaign two days before the filing deadline. You say you are ending the campaign. You say you are quitting. You say you are done.

There seemed little doubt on either front, but Rep. Brian C. Liss's declaration of defeat and SDEA's trumpeted tour to Pierre suggest we have one more line on our ballot, Referred Law 16, which will join Referred Law 14 in what Bob Mercer accurately calls "a referendum on the first half of the Daugaard administration." Game on!

Update 10:49 CDT: This just in from blogospheric colleague The Displaced Plainsman: merit pay still doesn't work!