My friend and pillar of the community Dick Wiedenman weighs in on Madison's proposed taxpayer-subsidized yet publicly unaccountable thrift store. Wiedenman proposes alternative uses for the buildings the city and LAIC would destroy to make way for the thirft shop, as well as for the $150,000 taxpayer dollars the city would sink into it:

Since parking isn't a problem in many cities, the bar and cafe shouldn't be considered for purchase or demolition. Since many businesses fail within a year, it may be wise to use the Jensen building for a year to determine whether this adventure will succeed. Since Madison keeps raising rates and is over $18 million in debt, perhaps some caution is advisable [Dick Wiedenman, letter to the editor, Madison Daily Leader, 2012.06.21, p. 3].

As Madison residents know, Dick Wiedenman is perhaps Madison's greatest authority on secondhand junk; we should thus heed his words on the million-dollar secondhand shop.