Referred Law 14, the Large Project Development Fund, grants Governor Daugaard and his Board of Economic Development appointees unchecked power to disburse 22% of all contractors excise tax to their friends in big business.

Sure to figure in the discussion of the wisdom of such corporate welfare power is Governor Dennis Daugaard's very own Solyndra. Check out page 3 of the Winter 2011 Quarterly Economic Development Report from the Governor's Office of Economic Development:

Gov. Dennis Daugaard at first ribbon-cutting, for Anderson Seed, Winter 2011

Governor Daugaard showed up in January 2011 to take credit for the Board of Economic Development's choice to finance Anderson Seed in June 2010. Anderson Seed may already have been in financial distress as that scissors went snip; the company went belly up in little more than one year.

And you want these same characters handing out big economic favors without legislative oversight? If Solyndra bends you out of shape, Anderson Seed and Referred Law 14 definitely should. Keep that money in the general fund and out of an unelected board's hands. Vote No on Referred Law 14.