Rep. Patricia Stricherz (R-8/Winfred) announces on Facebook that she is withdrawing from the District 8 House race:

I will not be running for re-election at this time. I am taking two years off to take care of some personal responsibilities before I run for re-election! Thank you to everyone for their support. The past two years have been such an amazing experience for me, one that I took with honor. Please stay in touch, I love to hear about the lives of all my constituents, in the mean time, I am always available to help in any capacity that I am able [Patricia Stricherz, Facebook post, 2012.07.31].

I note Rep. Stricherz's retreat from office with mild regret. She's a Republican, but she's not an ALEC Republican. She more authentically than some big-money Republicans can speak for the little guy. She lives in Winfred, for Pete's sake: she is the little guy! And unlike another one-term Republican who isn't seeking re-election this year, Rep. Stricherz never seemed inclined to go looking for Marxists around every corner.

Of course, maybe I just miss the chance to sell her another election-winning campaign ad.

As Mr. Powers notes, Rep. Stricherz has seven days to officially withdraw from the race. That withdrawal would leave the dreadfully vague and Santorumful Leslie Heinemann as the sole GOP candidate for District 8 House. Per SDCL 12-6-56 and 12-8-6, the county GOP leaders of Sanborn, Miner, Lake, and Moody counties have until August 14th to offer up a replacement for Stricherz... or they could just accept the fact that they have nobody on the bench who can beat Democrats Scott Parsley and Roy Lindsay and concentrate on saving Russ Olson from the Charlie Johnson campaign!