Matt Varilek follows up his warm fuzzy metaphor punch with a much more direct radio ad hammering Congresswoman Kristi Noem for non-performance:

Varilek's text:

I'm Matt Varilek, and in my campaign for Congress, I've been doing lot of listening. I'm hearing from farmers and ranchers fighting through this drought and wondering why the US House hasn't produced a Farm Bill yet.

One thing I wish none of us had to listen to is the false attack ad Congresswoman Noem is now running against me. The ad is false, it's wrong, and it's a pretty sad way to launch her campaign for reelection.

Congresswoman Noem is resorting to these attacks because she doesn't want to talk about the stalled Farm Bill, or the thousands of dollars in campaign contributions she's taken from Big Oil companies like Halliburton and ExxonMobil. And she sure doesn't want to talk about all the committee meetings she's missed.

Well I will fight tax giveaways for Big Oil. I will work to cut spending and reduce the deficit in a balanced way. And I'll show up every day to fight for South Dakota in Congress. I'm Matt Varilek, candidate for Congress, and I approve this message [Matt Varilek, campaign radio ad, September 5, 2012].

I would hazard the hypothesis that Noem is resorting to these attacks because she is afraid. If Varilek didn't have a chance, the way Noem's spinsters have been wishfully thinking out loud for months, Noem wouldn't waste her time with such negative attacks... not unless she were really, really petty.

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