Constitutional Amendment P on our ballot would write redundant language into our state constitution to require a balanced state budget. Backers of the amendment characterize the amendment as wearing suspenders with a belt. I suggest that making our state constitution look like a dork is probably a bad idea, especially when the state has toodled along under current constitutional budget language for 123 years and balanced its budget every time.

Senator Stan Adelstein agrees. He runs the following ad in Saturday's Black Hills Pioneer:

Vote No on Amendment Pee

Ad by Stan Adelstein, Black Hills Pioneer, 2012.10.28

"Vote No on Amendment Pee: Don't water down our State Constitution's ban on deficit spending." Senator Stan, I think you should have submitted that line to Secretary Gant for your official Con statement!

When the constitution already gets the job done, introducing new language to do the same thing only introduces opportunities for tricky legislators and lawyers to mess things up. Be conservative; be like Stan. Vote No on Amendment P.