In a sign that Madison's leaders may be coming to their senses, the Lake Area Improvement Corporation is finally putting together the Downtown Improvement Task Force:

Ashley Kenneth Allen is happy to announce that he will be representing this group's views and opinions on the new Downtown Improvement Taskforce led by the LAIC. We will be having a recruiting and kick-off meeting on Monday, October 22nd at 5 PM in the Madison Depot meeting room. Any individual interested in participating in Downtown Development and has 4-8 hours a month to volunteer is welcome to join us for our first official meeting. We will be establishing a committee of 8-10 individuals to work on initiatives to maintain and improve Downtown Madison. If you are interested, let us know [Citizens for Real Economic Development in Madison, Facebook post, October 9, 2012].

They've picked Ashley Kenneth Allen, and they are taking volunteers? It would appear the LAIC may be recognizing that Ashley and I are right about downtown development and citizen participation.

Alas, the LAIC is still lacking on the social media outreach side. There's no mention yet of the Downtown Improvement Task Force on the LAIC website. They haven't posted it to the Madison events calendar. But maybe LAIC exec Julie Gross knows she can count on Ashley on Facebook and Madison's most-read blog to get out the word.