Mitt Romney's schizophrenic deceptions have cost him the endorsement of the Salt Lake Tribune, the newspaper that more than any other cannot afford to alienate Mormon subscribers.

Now watch President Barack Obama make the sale as he brilliantly and powerfully ridicules Romney's sketchy Etch-a-Sketchery with a single word: Romnesia.

Listen all the way to the President's conclusion. Watch that smile. Watch that body language. Listen to him build to the zinger, "Here's the good news: ObamaCare covers pre-existing conditions! We can fix you up! We've got a cure!" You see a man enjoying his job. You see a man smartly summing up his opponent's say-anything-to-get-elected malarkey in a quick, memorable negative-branding line.

And as gravy, you see the President embrace ObamaCare, the policy his opponents think they can paint as his greatest liability, and use it as a proud rallying cry.

That's how you fight, Barack! And that's how you win.