My inbox goes pinball machine with folks noting Republican former Senator Larry Pressler's endorsement of Barack Obama for President. Pressler riffs on Romney for his 47% comment:

The 47 percent included anyone who is getting a government benefit and there are lots of disabled veterans getting a government benefit as their only source of income. But that doesn't mean they are dependent. If they receive a wound in war, we have an obligation to them, in my opinion, and we should not put them in a 47 percent of people who don't want to work or something. I think veterans were very offended by being lumped into that [Larry Pressler, interview with Alex Seitz-Wald, "Ex-GOP Sen. Larry Pressler on supporting Obama: 'Veterans were very offended' by Romney,"Salon, October 8, 2012].

Doug Wiken questions the significance of the endorsement. Pressler endorsed Obama over McCain in 2008, but his home folks still picked McCain. I suspect the significance will lie mostly in drawing out South Dakota Republicans to criticize one of their own. Expect some Republican to contend that the fact that Pressler is living and teaching in Paris at the moment speaks to his traitorous conversion to Euro-socialism.

Republicans knocking Pressler may get more mileage out of pointing to one of Pressler's 2008 comments in endorsing Obama:

We can't be for all these foreign military adventures. We have to stop spending so much money. My God, the deficit is so high! [Larry Pressler, quoted by Alexander Burns, "Former GOP Senator, Vet Backs Obama," Politico, October 26, 2008]

But Pressler says that Obama still beats Romney on military and fiscal policy:

President Obama ended one war, is ending another and meeting our national security needs with support of our military leaders. He's laid out a clear plan that would reduce the deficit and prevent the mandatory military spending cuts that no one wants. But today's Republican Party, including Ryan who voted for the deal that would trigger the cuts, is willing to bring our country's defenses to the fiscal cliff -- just so a multimillionaire doesn't have to pay a single extra penny in taxes. And the real lack of leadership? Failing to own up to your role in racking up a record debt from two unpaid wars and two massive unpaid for tax cuts. Mitt Romney leads the party that fails this leadership test [Larry Pressler, "Republican Senator, Vietnam Veteran Endorses President Obama," Huffington Post, October 8, 2012].

Pressler says a Romney-Ryan administration would be "disastrous" for veterans. If you really support the troops, both in the field and when they get home, Pressler says you vote for President Obama.