A typical anonymous commenter on Dakota War College wheezes that teachers have no business spending money on political campaigns when they could make better use of that money helping kids.

Really? Let's take a look at expenditures by another noble profession, health care providers, on South Dakota Legislative races:

SD Dental Association $8,649
SD Chiropractic PAC $15,900
SD Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists $7,050
SD Medical Group Management Association PAC $600
SD Assoc. of Healthcare Organizations PAC $28,633
SD Healthcare Assoc. PAC $10,900
Total $71,732

I didn't do an exact count, but a majority of that money is going to Republicans. Would Dakota War College care to impugn South Dakota's health care professionals for spending their money on political campaigns instead of giving folks discounts on hip replacements and spinal adjustments?

Of course, the big health care money is in the campaign for Initiated Measure 15. The Healthy Communities Ballot Question Committee reports $888,439 in expenditures so far to promote the extra-penny sales tax that would boost funding for Medicaid and K-12 education.

So if you really want, when you drop in for your check-up this week, you could ask your doctor and nurse how they spend your money after you step out of the examination room. Or you could just accept that every citizen in every profession has a right to spend money on the political causes of his or her choosing.