Some Democrats contend that candidate Fred Deutsch is a suboptimal choice for District 4 House because he has previously floated the idea of consolidating more schools to ease state budget pressures. Deutsch, to the chagrin of some who are willing to have that honest policy discussion, says he was just poking the Legislature and isn't out to close schools.

He also says a bunch of Democrats who know him think he'd be a great State Representative:

Fred Deutsch District 4 House campaign postcard, 2012

Fred Deutsch District 4 House campaign postcard (front) 2012

Bill Zubke? Scott and Tricia Walker? Rich Mittelstedt? Kris and Steve O'Brien? Hey, I know those people! Steve even drops by and says sensible things here on the blog.

A number of those sensible Democratic teachers live in Watertown in District 5, so they don't have to actually mark Fred's name on the ballot. But they've worked with Fred as one of their Watertown school board members. They know whereof they speak, and they would not urge District 4 folks to vote for someone who advocates bad education policy.

Of course, with all these Democrats endorsing him, Deutsch is probably putting himself squarely in the sights of all the RINO-hunters. But hey: I'd rather have the Zubkes, Walkers, Mittelstedts, and O'Briens on my side than the Sibsons, Howies, and Lautenschlagers.