P&R laments that Republicans appear bound to cave on the fiscal cliff negotiations. You're darn right they're going to cave: Speaker John Boehner realizes the Grover Norquist wing of his party is on the wrong side of a national election and popular support for higher taxes on the wealthy as part of responsible budgeting.

The GOP is also on the wrong side of economics:

...studies have shown that lowering the tax rate for small businesses is not the best policy option for encouraging owners to do more hiring. The Congressional Budget Office concluded that even though some small businesses would benefit from an extension of the Bush tax cuts this would not create more jobs in the current economy. The study found that while the cuts would increase after-tax income for these businesses, this alone is not a strong incentive for hiring because small business production is mostly governed by demand for their products. Instead, CBO concluded that the more efficient way to stimulate economic activity would be through extending the Bush tax cuts for low- and middle-income families and not letting that potential demand leave the economy. Allowing the rates to expire for the top two brackets and extending the rest would be the most cost effective way for the federal government to increase growth and jobs per dollar of cost [Ben Peyton, "Claim that leaving top 2% out of Bush Tax Cut extension will hurt small business – Not True," Innovation Ohio, 2012.11.20].

Small business owners don't need tax breaks for the 2.5% of them who face the top two tax rates. They need increased demand. You get more demand per dollar by sending money to the bottom brackets, because those folks need certain items in a way that the rich folks do not. That's an argument not only for focusing tax breaks on the lower brackets but also for protecting the social programs like food stamps, unemployment support, and Medicaid that protect lower income folks and their purchasing power.

Let the conservative abstractionists and obstructionists squawk: Speaker Boehner knows President Obama has the power and the plan... the right plan for America.