Mr. Woodring updates us on South Dakota's red-state moocher status with a link to this map from the Tax Foundation showing the percentage of state budgets covered by federal aid:

Tax Foundation map: federal aid as percentage of state budgets, 2011

(click to enlarge!)

South Dakota depends more on Uncle Sam than 46 other states, paying only 54.4% of its own way. Only Arizona, Louisiana, and Mississippi get a larger share of their state budgets from federal funding.

North Dakota, with its growing oil revenues, has the lowest budget dependence on federal revenues in our neighborhood, covering 74% of its own revenues. But even without oil, Minnesota is able to foot just about 71% of its own bills.

Of the ten top dependents on federal spending, all but #10, New York, voted this year for the Republican Presidential nominee. of the ten states least dependent on federal dollars, all but two voted for the Democratic nominee.

As I responded to Dr. Blanchard last month, any bragging about South Dakota's fiscal responsibility must be tempered with an acknowledgement of our dependence on Washington's deficit spending and the generosity of other, mostly blue states.