How can you tell Rep. Kristi Noem is lying? When she talks about the Keystone XL pipeline.

South Dakota's lone Congresswoman found just enough time between basketball games and polishing her saddle to repeat her support for TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline. Her weekend press release perpetuates the lies that the pipeline will give Americans a reliable supply of "American" energy and create thousands of jobs. All that oil is going straight to China, which will increase our gasoline prices. As for jobs, TransCanada has consistently exaggerated its job-creation claims, as admitted by TransCanada VP Robert Jones himself in 2011.

Even Rep. Noem has had to scale back her jobs claims. Last year, when President Obama very sensibly rejected Noem's effort to push him to make a hasty decision without looking at all the facts, Rep. Noem hollered that Keystone XL would create 130,000 jobs. She has scaled that pipe dream back by a factor of 6.5, to 20,000 jobs, TransCanada's approved propaganda number... which Greenpeace says could get TransCanada prosecuted for lying to shareholders.

And let's not forget: Rep. Noem (like Senator John Thune) is spouting false arguments to put foreign profits and Chinese oil imports above our land rights. Rep. Noem herself hints at that in her press release, noting that 97% of South Dakota landowners along the Keystone XL route have acquiesced to TransCanada's land acquisition tactics... meaning 3% will get hosed by eminent domain wielded not by the government for public purpose but by a private Canadian corporation for oil Americans won't even get to use.

Please explain to me again: in what universe is Rep. Kristi Noem is behaving more patriotically in advocating for this pipeline than President Barack Obama did last year in delaying it?