Because KELO won't, Larry Kurtz does us the favor of pointing out that South Dakota Indian tribes have sent a big report to Congress accusing South Dakota of violating the Indian Child Welfare Act. Their report contends that the bombshell October 2011 NPR investigation of abuses of law and Native Americans in South Dakota's foster care system is, sadly, accurate:

We, the members of the Coalition for Sioux Tribes and Families, find that the dominant claims made in NPR’s report “Native Foster Care: Lost Children, Shattered Families” are accurate. South Dakota, for well over a decade, has systematically violated the spirit and the letter of the Indian Child Welfare Act. The state appears to have done this willfully, and a flawed sytem of constraints on Nativefamilies and perverse fiancial incentives has likely led the state to do so in order to bring federal tax dollars into South Dakota ["Reviewing the Facts: An Assessment of the Accuracy of NPR’s Native Foster Care: Lost Children, Shattered Families," Lakota People's Law Project, 2013.01.22, p. 21].

Interestingly, NPR's coverage of this new report includes comment from Rep. Lujan of New Mexico and Rep. Markey of Massachusetts, but no one from South Dakota's delegation in Washington. A cursory review of Rep. Noem's, Senator Thune's, and Senator Johnson's websites finds no mention of Indian foster care in this week's press blurbs.