Democrats should squirm at this shot from Mayor Jerry Krambeck criticizing his opponent Dana Boke's vague vanilla promises of change and new perspective if she's elected mayor of Spearfish. But since Democrats aren't all that active in Lawrence County, Krambeck throws the punch anyway in his closing statement at last night's candidates forum:

The last time I heard the phrase "Hope and change" I was unemployed about 12 months later with 350 of my coworkers. Unknown change just doesn't go with me. It scares me [Jerry Krambeck, candidates forum, Matthews Opera House, Spearfish, SD 2013.03.27].

Ah, that would have been more like 30 months later, Jerry... but who's counting?

Likening Dana Boke to Barack Obama can't sit well with Boke's Christian conservative friends. But however it played, Boke herself offered no direct response... just more of the same empty platitudes that drew Krambeck's fire.