...or so Governor Dennis Daugaard seems to be saying by signing HB 1237, the "Women can't think on weekends" law... today... on International Women's Day.

Jennifer Aulwes of Planned Parenthood aptly captures the Governor's and South Dakota's moral failing:

Today Governor Daugaard signed into law a longer waiting period for abortion, once again proving the state’s hostility to women’s health and partiality to Crisis Pregnancy Centers, which are known for misleading and coercing women.

We are very disappointed that the state is further burdening women with medically unnecessary waiting periods for abortion. We will continue to stand with the women of South Dakota and fight for their access to safe and legal abortion, should they need to consider it.

These decisions that women and families are faced with are deeply personal and complex. Politicians have no place interfering with the personal medical decisions of women and families [Jennifer Aulwes, Planned Parenthood MN-ND-SD, press release,  2013.03.08].

Woe unto my wife and daughter, viewed by a patriarchal majority in Pierre as moral incompetents and objects of control.

Ladies, tell me there's some way you could stage a Lysistrata-style boycott to put a stop to South Dakota's legislative abuse of women.