Here's the full video from the mayoral half of tonight's Spearfish candidates forum, held in the stately Matthews Opera House. Eleven clips total, with challenger Dana Boke and Mayor Jerry Krambeck each making their best pitch for three years at the helm of the Queen City of the Black Hills.

Contents of this playlist:

  1. Openers: Mayor Jerry Krambeck and challenger Dana Boke introduce themselves.
  2. Boke and Krambeck talk about the skills that would make each a good mayor.
  3. Krambeck and Boke respond to a question about challenges and opportunities facing Spearfish.
  4. Boke and Krambeck explain their vision of the role of the mayor in governance of the city.
  5. Krambeck and Boke explain why they support annexing the Lower Valley on the northwest edge of Spearfish.
  6. Boke and Krambeck address a question about how the city might improve cooperation with Black Hills State University.
  7. Krambeck and Boke talk about the city rec center, the center's $500,000 shortfall last year, and how the city should support this facility.
  8. Boke and Krambeck discuss how the city can promote affordable housing.
  9. Krambeck and Boke explain their position on fighting the pine beetle.
  10. Boke and Krambeck how they would promote Spearfish's role as a leader in regional issues.
  11. Krambeck and Boke offer their closing statements, including Mayor Krambeck's response to Boke's charge of oligarchy with his sockdolager use of snollygoster.