Post hoc ergo propter hoc. Post hoc ergo propter hoc....

Monday I complained that Secretary of State Jason Gant was asleep at the switch again, this time denying the public useful information about the 2014 election schedule. One commenter felt such piffling details shouldn't be a priority for the Secretary of State and that we should just all haul our lazy keesters down to the courthouse to do our own research.

But another commenter notes that Secretary Gant's priorities appear to have realigned more toward mine. Unlike Monday, when the Upcoming Election page linked to information about the 2012 election, as of today the Upcoming Election page has been updated to reflect information about the upcoming election. Some of the updates are purely cosmetic: for example, the "How to circulate a statewide ballot question petition for 2014" link still points to the old 2012 flyer, complete with 2012 deadlines. And we still don't have 2014 election calendars with those yummy deadlines that got us thinking about this website in the first place. But at least someone's getting on the task.

How very, very nice... and how very, very coincidental that the update happens just a couple days after a concerned citizen hollers.

Thank you, Secretary Gant!