South Dakota municipal elections are non-partisan. Candidates for mayor and city council don't run as Democrats or Republicans because the law doesn't allow it and because local issues break down as much more practical than partisan.

Pat Powers mistakes municipal elections for partisan contests and declares the Spearfish, Lead, and Deadwood mayoral races as big wins for Republicans. Um, yeah, Mayors-elect Boke, Apa, and Turbiville are known Republicans. Apa's opponent Les Roselles appears to be a Democrat, but Boke's opponent Jerry Krambeck is a Republican. I don't have a party affiliation on Turbiville's opponent Jim Van Den Eykel.

But if anyone's keeping score, up in Huron, Paul Aylward beat Kerwin Haeder pretty soundly to become Huron's new mayor. Aylward is a union man. Haeder is a Palin-Republican and father of Beadle County Republican Party chair Josh Haeder.

And most sensible Huron voters neither know nor care.