M. Michael Rounds's hiring of Dick Wadhams as consultant to his U.S. Senate campaign tells me four things:

  1. Team Rounds's embrace of Wadhams's politics of personal destruction demonstrates a commitment to making me use the s's combination far more than I want to.
  2. Team Rounds apparently thinks Wadhams's effectiveness back in 2004 in getting John Thune elected outweighs his more recent failures in Virginia and Colorado.
  3. Team Rounds is hoping Kristi Noem wears the same blinders and steers clear of tangling with this brawler.
  4. Team Rounds will shortly convene a faux-blogstorm like the one he had Thune's paid advisors confabulate in 2004.

Now, if we can just keep Team Weiland from hiring Lowell Feld....