Annette Bosworth is bad at skirting FEC law. Check out this calendar prepared by a paid Meaningful Medicine intern for Dr. Bosworth's campaign itinerary:

Bosworth for Senate schedule of June 2013 campaign events

Bosworth for Senate schedule of June 2013 campaign events

Note first the heading: "Updated Senate Schedule." Then, as an after-thought, someone writes a little "Pre-" above "Senate". Hee hee! That's cute, but someone should remind Bosworth that FEC rules will still require her to list any such in-kind contributions of work and her lavish spending on travels around South Dakota in June when she officially declares her candidacy. But if Dr. Bosworth had her employee write up that schedule on company time, whether she's a candidate or a pre-candidate, she'll find herself on the wrong side of South Dakota campaign finance law.

Another campaign planning memo obtained by the Madville Times bears the heading "Dr. Bos for Senate!" (Yes, it includes the exclamation point.) This memo (I'm not posting the original image because it contains numerous pieces of personally identifiable information) indicates that Bosworth sought audiences with State Senator Larry Rhoden and Sam Kephart (the memo preparer couldn't remember Sam's last name—interns! do your background work!).

The visit to Rhoden is Bosworth's second visit to a potential primary rival, following a pow-wow with State Rep. Stace Nelson two weeks ago. Rhoden, who surely recognizes that Bosworth poses no serious political threat to anyone, likely smiled and nodded politely at Bosworth, then shook his head in disbelief as Bosworth and her campaign mastermind-husband Chad Haber tore off down Highway 34.

Sam Kephart is not running for Senate again, although it would be fun to have him. We can only hope Bosworth was able to keep up with what was surely an expansive Kephart policy briefing.

Still no word on whether Team Bosworth has reached out to Team Rounds for a friendly chat. But to cap off her second West River campaign trip, Bosworth scheduled a sit-down with Gordon Howie for a video chat. We eagerly await the posting of that video so we can watch to see whether Bosworth can keep a straight face.

Finally, in spelling news, check out the bottom of that calendar again. Before any campaign fundraising letters go out to the locals, someone needs to tell Team Bosworth that Meade and Butte counties both have e's.