In somewhat more honest polling, Nielson Brothers release some issue data from their June poll of likely South Dakota voters and find South Dakotans willing to subject gun buyers to universal background checks but not willing to repeal their same-sex marriage ban:

Universal background checks on gun purchases:

  • Support: 61.8%
  • Oppose: 25.2%
  • Undecided: 13.0%

Legalization of same-sex marriage:

  • Support: 33.6%
  • Oppose: 53.8%
  • Undecided: 12.6%

On gun background checks, supporters outnumber opponents even among Republicans (44.8% for, 37.3% against). On same-sex marriage, Dems lead on equality, but not at jump-up-and-shout levels: only 48.6% of questioned Dems said they'd legalize same-sex marriage, not even a majority. 33.8% of Dems say no; 17.6% are still thinking about it. (Call me, uncertain Dems: I can straighten you out.)