Crockett and Tubbs—er, SDRC exec Joop Bollen and former Governor M. Michael Rounds

SDRC exec Joop Bollen and former Governor M. Michael Rounds

An eager reader alerts us to worse news from Aberdeen: after failing to pay its workers on time last week, Northern Beef Packers has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

This big business failure is brought to you by Joop Bollen and M. Michael Rounds, the latter of whom was counting on NBP as a last-minute legacy builder. As recently as this month, Senate candidate Rounds asserted that Northern Beef Packers would play a key role in supporting his abortive South Dakota Certified Beef program. Seriously, Mike? Smart businessman like you couldn't see bankruptcy coming? And you want us to trust you to write a federal budget?

If you hurry, you can still see NBP listed as one of the big projects of SDRC, Inc., the (strangely) private corporation created by Joop Bollen to handle the state's efforts to lure foreign investors with EB-5 visa assistance. Northern Beef Packers will likely soon disappear from that SDRC listing, as did the EB-5-visa-backed Veblen dairies after Rick Millner took them belly up.

Ken Santema says the failure of Rounds's big beef promotion shows the need for a Libertarian governor who doesn't waste taxpayer dollars trying to pick winners in the free market. I would suggest Ken start beating the bushes for a Libertarian Senate candidate as well to keep Rounds from taking his crony capitalism to Washington... or just join me in supporting Rick Weiland to achieve the same end.