A Facebook friend notes that the Dan Willard robocall trial has things hopping in Madison. The block around the courthouse was packed with cars yesterday. My friend spotted newly christened Heartland CEO and victim of terror Russ Olson at Mochavino's. Newsman David Montgomery was Twittering around for the best place for lunch in Madison (reporters: Dairy Queen is fast, but Mochavino, Skipper's and El Vaquero offer local variety).

And then it hit me: Dan Willard is doing Madison an enormous favor! His trial is the key to economic development that Madison has been missing since 1881!

Look at all the big eaters Willard is bringing to town: Pat Powers, Jason Gant, maybe Stace Nelson (DeLon! Order extra footlongs if Stace comes!). Drag out those cross-examinations, counsel! Madison needs those big sandwich dollars.

Madison was founded on the theft of a safe; why not recapitalize on larceny and scandal? Madison needs more trials! Forget opening a second grocery store or new car dealership [a Google alert goes off in Pat Prostrollo's office]; Madison needs to open a robocall center! A Planned Parenthood branch where the local faithful can get hauled away for over-eager protests! An alternative newspaper that will publish salacious details about high Republican officials and draw First-Amendment court challenges!

From Scopes to Willard, big trials can be big business. Sell those sandwiches, Madison!